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The Economist: Ma the bumbler

因為要一起承受, 完全沒有喜悅的感覺!

Ma the bumbler
A former heart-throb loses his shine

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Nov 17th 2012 | TAIPEI | from the print edition

WHEN he was first elected in 2008, Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, offered Taiwanese high hopes that the island’s economy would open a new chapter. He promised ground-breaking agreements with China to help end Taiwan’s growing economic marginalisation. At the time, Mr Ma’s image was of a clean technocrat able to rise above the cronyism and infighting of his party, the Kuomintang (KMT). He was a welcome contrast to his fiery and pro-independence predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, now in jail for corruption.

Five years on, and despite being handily re-elected ten months ago, much has changed. In particular, popular satisfaction with Mr Ma has plummeted, to a record low of 13%, according to the TVBS Poll Centre. The country appears to agree on one thing: Mr Ma is an ineffectual bumbler.

Ordinary people do not find their livelihoods improving. Salaries have stagnated for a decade. The most visible impact of more open ties with China, which include a free-trade agreement, has been property speculation in anticipation of a flood of mainland money. Housing in former working-class areas on the edge of Taipei, the capital, now costs up to 40 times the average annual wage of $15,400. The number of families below the poverty line has leapt. Labour activists have taken to pelting the presidential office with eggs.

Exports account for 70% of GDP. So some of Taiwan’s problems are down to the dismal state of rich-world economies. Yet Mr Ma’s leadership is also to blame. He has failed to paint a more hopeful future, with sometimes hard measures needed now. Worse, he frequently tweaks policies in response to opposition or media criticism. It suggests indecisiveness.

Public anger first arose in June, when Mr Ma raised the price of government-subsidised electricity. Few Taiwanese understood why, even though Taiwan’s state-owned power company loses billions. In the face of public outrage, Mr Ma postponed a second round of electricity price rises scheduled for December. They will now take place later next year.

People are also worried that a national pension scheme is on course for bankruptcy in less than two decades. Yet Mr Ma cannot bring himself to raise premiums sharply, because of the temporary unpopularity it risks. When Mr Ma does try to appeal to Taiwanese who make up the island’s broad political centre, it often backfires with his party’s core supporters. Following public grumbles that retired civil servants, teachers and ex-servicemen were a privileged group, the cabinet announced plans to cut more than $300m in year-end bonuses, affecting around 381,000. The trouble was, veterans are among the KMT’s most fervent backers. Now some threaten to take to the streets in protest and deprive the KMT of their votes until the plan is scrapped. Meanwhile, Mr Ma’s clean image has been sullied by the indictment of the cabinet secretary-general for graft.

Cracks are starting to grow in the KMT façade. Recently Sean Lien, a prominent politician, criticised Mr Ma’s economic policies, saying that any politician in office during this time of sluggish growth was at best a “master of a beggar clan”—implying a country of paupers.

But the next election is four years away, and presidential hopefuls will not try to oust or even outshine Mr Ma anytime soon. After all, they will not want to take responsibility for the country’s economic problems. Nothing suggests Mr Ma’s main policies will change (or that they should), but his credibility is draining by the day.

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讀完楊維傑的『中醫學概論』之後, 星期六早上的閱讀變成彭子益的『圓運動的古中醫學』了。

(Nov. 3, 2012)

Saturday, October 13, 2012


星期六早上把小孩送進畫室之後, 來 Starbucks 讀中醫, 已經形成一種習慣。

長達四年, 『中醫學概論』這本書的閱讀, 也終於進入尾聲。


從主要參考書目來看, 楊維傑醫師並沒有參考到清代名醫黃元御的任何著作, 也沒有參考彭子益『圓運動的古中醫學』這本書。

從 aNobii 網路書櫃上的紀錄來看, 這本書是 Oct. 25, 2008 在重慶南路的志遠書局買的, 從 Nov. 3, 2008 開始閱讀, 花了近四年的每個星期六早上, 終於讀完了!

接下來的閱讀計劃就是 『圓運動的古中醫學』了。

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

只有感動三天, 夠了嗎?

這就是中國, 連民間活動都要施壓!

From News

中華民國國旗 飄揚倫敦市中心
(中央社記者黃貞貞倫敦 21 日專電) 

攝政街(Regent Street)是歐洲第1個規劃興建的購物街,由著名建築師奈許(John Nash)設計,1825年完工,它從牛津街(Oxford Street)一直延伸到比卡迪里圓環(Piccadilly Circus)。

包括英國最著名的玩具店漢姆利(Hamleys)、時尚名店Austin Reed、Jaeger、知名鞋店Church's等名牌都位在攝政街,經典名牌Burberry也計劃9月在這裡開設全球最大旗艦店,攝政街早已成為觀光客到倫敦旅遊購物必訪之地,每年吸引至少750萬人,奧運帶來的人潮預計可以衝破1000萬人。

由攝政街上數百家商店組成的「攝政街協會」(Regent Street Association)主席華克(Annie Walker)表示,攝政街藉由懸掛參與奧運國家的國旗,表達全力支持英國主辦奧運會,向來訪的各國旅客表達歡迎之意,呈現攝政街富有歷史的偉大建築之美。

攝政街協會發言人告訴中央社記者,這次共懸掛206面參與倫敦奧運國家的國旗,是史上第1次,同時攝政街也是倫敦唯一懸掛奧運參與國國旗的街道,一直延續到比卡迪里圓環以下,包含傑米街(Jermyn Street)和康迪街(Conduit Street)。


發言人說,參賽國國旗主要依國名英文字母排序,從6月15日起陸續掛旗,每面國旗寬1.8公尺,長3.6公尺,將一直懸掛到9月初帕運(Paralympic Games)閉幕後。




From News

倫敦鬧區 中華民國國旗被移除
中央社 2012/07/24 22:46pm   

攝政街是倫敦最著名的購物區之一。當地數百家商店組成的「攝政街協會」(Regent Street Association)為迎接27日揭幕的奧運,在攝政街上懸掛共206面參賽國家的國旗。

依字母排序,中華民國青天白日滿地紅國旗掛在攝政街南端靠近比卡迪里圓環(Piccadilly Circus)的路段。




疑遭施壓 英商店街國旗已取下





Sunday, July 22, 2012

清黃元御四聖心源卷四: 衂血

肺竅於鼻, 肺氣降斂, 則血不上溢。
肺氣逆行, 收斂失政, 是以為衂, 其原因於胃土之不降。

[靈樞.百病始生]: 卒然多食飲, 則腸滿, 起居不節, 用力過度, 則絡脈傷。
陽絡傷血外溢, 血外溢則衂血; 陰絡傷血內溢, 血內溢則後血。

衂血者, 陽絡之傷, 則營血逆流, 而衛氣不能斂也。

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News: 南韓宣布撤回捕鯨計畫

看到這則新聞, 總算鬆了一口氣!
yam 蕃薯藤新聞 廖士睿 綜合報導 2012/07/18 10:31 am





Sunday, July 15, 2012


寫程式, 其實就是在處理"資料"。所處理的資料是以何種型態存放在電腦的記憶體之中, 就是"資料型態"。用多個不同的資料型態的資料來分別描述一個物件的各種性質, 就是結構型資料型態的基本概念。因此, 要學會寫程式的第一步, 就是先把你要處理的資料及其型態、結構給弄清楚, 而不是打開電腦!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 52 Hz Whale

前陣子, ETtoday 新聞有一則關於鯨魚歌聲的新聞:
「52赫茲」世界最寂寞鯨魚, 歌聲只有自己聽得見

國際中心 綜合報導





而 Yam 自然新聞也隨之出了一篇:
Yam 蕃薯藤新聞 鄭詠仁 2012/07/10 17:38 pm

「52赫茲最寂寞鯨魚」的故事早在2006年起就在歐美媒體上流傳,不過到了2012年才在台灣媒體版面上場。根據觀測者美國Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution的Mary Ann Daher博士曾經接受的訪問指出,她們已經在北太平洋追蹤這條鯨魚長達12年之久,其鳴唱聲的頻率其實是51.75赫茲,而不是52赫茲。然而為什麼研究人員無法確認其身份的原因是,沒有人看過牠長什麼樣子,只仰賴水底記錄器收集到的聲音,確認有一條鯨魚的鳴唱聲與該地的其它鬚鯨,也就是藍鯨、大翅鯨與長鬚鯨都不一樣,因此研究人員還不確定牠的身份,但Mary Ann Daher博士認為「52赫茲鯨魚」不太可能是一個未被描述的新物種。



這隻鯨魚的故事在「藍鯨誌」這本書中, 在 p. 203 有一段簡短的描述, 如下
他們也從1992年開始, 每年追蹤另外一隻在北太平洋的鯨魚, 他的叫聲很獨特, 大概在五十二赫茲左右, 科學家從來沒有聽過鬚鯨類會出現這種頻率, 也許這是一隻混種, 也許只是一隻生理機能比較特別、叫聲比較尖銳的藍鯨或長鬚鯨。不管真相如何, 這都很像是一隻孤獨的鯨魚在大海中不斷呼叫, 卻始終沒有同伴回應。

原文書「 Wild Blue」則是出現在 p.172, 描述如下:
Another whale in the North Pacific has been tracked erery year since 1992. Its unique call, centred at 52 Hz, is unlike any known baleen whale vocalization. Perhaps it is a hybrid, or simple an individual blue or fin whale with some physiiology that gives it a higher voice. Either way, it conjures that image of a lonely animal calling and calling in a vast ocean without ever being acknowledged by another.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

News: 科學家首次拍到座頭鯨交配實況

yam 蕃薯藤新聞 廖士睿 2012/06/24 17:41pm

座頭鯨是非常大型的鯨魚,具有非常大的洄游距離,也是全球性瀕危的物種。國家地理頻道與澳洲科學家合作的澳洲專輯將於近日播出,而參與拍攝工作的澳洲攝影師Jason Edwards在2010年春天於東加群島外海拍攝到座頭鯨的交配行為。 鯨魚雖然在水中生活,但牠們仍然保有哺乳動物體內授精的行為,然而這種行為卻甚少被目擊過。攝影師在海中觀察到座頭鯨的交配群,在雌鯨的允許下攝影師得以接近鯨群。在拍攝過程中發現座頭鯨的雌鯨會噴出大量的汽泡,而這個行為則被科學家解讀為向雄鯨告知交配完成的訊息。 根據鯨豚學家的說明,鯨豚之間也有強暴的現象,也就是雌性在不準備交配時被雄性硬上,而這個行為在座頭鯨尚未被確認。

News: 藍鯨在斯里蘭卡遭撞斷死亡

yam 蕃薯藤新聞 廖士睿 撰稿 - 2012/05/14 16:11 pm

藍鯨(Balaenoptera musculus)是全球最大的現生動物,成體的身長可達30公尺。然而這麼大的體型卻無法阻止人類活動所帶來的傷害。一頭可能正在印度洋海面休息睡覺的藍鯨,疑似遭航行中的貨櫃輪攔腰撞斷死亡。這幾天國際媒體紛紛傳送這幾張令人心碎的畫面。



Monday, June 11, 2012

News: White Orca


yam 蕃薯藤新聞/鄭鹿丸 綜合報導-2012年04月30日 下午15:04




From News

原文新聞: The Telegraph: Rare white killer whale caught on video (23 Apr, 2012)
延伸閱讀: 世上僅有白化座頭鯨的實拍照片

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Book Depository

今天第二次在 Book Depository 網路書局買書 (第一次在這), 用信用卡結完帳, 完成訂單後, 看到這個 The Book Depository Live 網頁, 可以看到全世界在 Book Depository 下單的情況, 每一張訂單都會秀出買書者的地理位置、所購買的書及該國的國旗!

說真的, 在網路上看到其他國家的網站秀出台灣的青天白日國旗, 竟然會有一點感動!

From Reading

今天下單的 Wild Blue 這本原文書, 其中文版就是上星期到台北校區開會, 趁著結束後的空檔, 到圖書館晃了一圈, 所借的其中一本書:『藍鯨誌』。

人類過去一百多年以來, 雖然對藍鯨的認識還非常有限, 這本書將這些歷史資料, 包含捕鯨、科學研究, 都非常詳實地記錄下來, 因此對喜歡鯨魚的人來說, 是非常珍貴且值得一讀的。

藍鯨有多大呢? 看了 Jose Antonio Penas 的這幅畫, 你一定有一點感覺的:

A selection of bigger beasts of all times. I compose 3d images with classic 2d drawing. You can see in ground, right to left, african elephant (actually, the bigger land beast) indricotherium (the bigger mammal of all times), TRex (one of biggest predators), Brachiosaurus (one of biggest dinosaurs) and human (the bigger stupid in earth). In top, blue whale (the bigger beast of all times) and quetzalcoatlus (the bigger flying)

Friday, June 01, 2012



由於館藏越來越豐富, 也越來越多開放式書架改成移動式密集書架了。

移動式書架很長, 但移動起來卻不甚費力!


這邊是教你如何思考, 做一個有創意的人!

中醫的書也有好多! 右上角的中醫學三百題, 每一題都是申論題, 這才能真正考出實力呀。

目前我的中醫學概論的進度剛好到中藥的部分, 所以決定把這本借回家參考。

終於晃到電腦和數學的櫃子了! 不過被擠在一起了...

看到預定要買的數學女孩了! 不過, 數學女孩(2): 哥德爾不完備定理, 圖書館似乎還沒進!

這排數學書, 我家裏有 5 本!


C 語言專櫃! 只有一本 C++ Builder, 而且還是 6 ...

在微積分專櫃之中, 看到一個熟悉的名字 - 何典恭。這是18年前, 我在淡水學院(真理大學前身)當講師時的系主任。我非常佩服他, 他對台語文字相當有研究, 我曾經聽過他演講台語文字之美。

『名家論崑曲』為什麼在這一櫃瞎攪和? 這邊還有一本經典書『歐幾里得 幾何原本』, 借回家拜讀!


數位影像處理經典教科書的中譯本被一群 PS 書包圍了!

竟然有一本『數位影像分析之智慧型監控系統』躲在 PS 書中。

鯨魚的書不多, 『藍鯨誌』被我借回家了。

法布爾的全套昆蟲記。最右邊那本『東京昆蟲物語』非常好看,大推。我是放在床頭, 每天看一個故事後才睡的。

借閱到期日是 8 月 6 日! 下午 1:50 上課快來不及了, 火速趕回龜山大學...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

第十六章 藥物概說

今天開始閱讀第16章 藥物概說
進度 pp. 584-588.
第一節 概說 談起源和發展和藥物的來源與定名
第二節 藥性概說 談中藥草的性能
第二節很重要, 有四氣理論(寒熱溫涼)、五味理論(甘酸苦辛鹹)、歸經理論、升降浮沉理論。

升降浮沉理論其實是彭子益圓運動的中心思想, 原來, 最早提出來的是李東垣的脾胃論: 天地陰陽生殺之理, 在升降浮沉之間。

節氣有升降浮沉, 一天24小時有升降浮沉, 人身也有升降浮沉, 當人身的升降浮沉失去平衡, 自然可以靠藥物的升降浮沉來調整囉!


Sunday, April 29, 2012


這個 TED 演講真的很有趣, 完全顛覆了我們心中的恐龍世界!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jeremy Lin

2012 年 2 月空中英語教室的封面是 Jeremy Lin, 課程的內容從 2/6-8 分成三天, 標題是 Jeremy Lin: Chasing dreams and finding joy.

From News

非常神奇地, 我在台灣時間 2/6 看到 Youtube 的這則影片, 並分享到 facebook 中,

然後, Jeremy Lin 就此展開 7 連勝傳奇, 並創下許多驚人的紀錄。其中, 最經典的是美國時間 2/14 情人節當天, 對多倫多暴龍一役, 最後致勝的三分球,

沒錯, 紐約尼克隊全場就只有領先最後的 0.5 秒, 卻贏得勝利!

空中英語教室的課程內容是用 Chinese-American 來形容 Jeremy Lin,
Among professional basketball players, Jeremy Lin's background is not typical. He graduated from Harvard University, which sends few players to the NBA, and is the only Chinese-American NBA player. But when you watch him on the court, there is no doubt that he belongs there.

不過在 2010 的美國人口普查中, 下面這個影片是宣導台裔美國人不要再填 Chinese 了, 鼓勵來自台灣的美國人, 勾選 Other-Asian, 然後填寫 Taiwanese, 用以和 Chinese 區別。

From News

相關新聞閱讀: Ecstatic Taiwanese claim Knicks' Lin as their own

Ecstatic Taiwanese claim Knicks' Lin as their own

By ANNIE HUANG | Associated Press – Thu, Feb 16, 2012

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — With only a handful of foreign embassies, and a political leadership forced into international invisibility, it's not surprising that the 23 million people of Taiwan feel their island home doesn't always get the respect it deserves.

Perhaps that's why they're now embracing emerging New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin as one of their own, reveling in his basketball exploits with a passion rare for a place better known for its flat screen TVs and computer chips.

Lin was born and raised in the United States, and his maternal grandmother comes from China, but his parents spent their formative years in Taiwan, and that's enough for people here to see him as a true-blue son of the island.

The Harvard graduate's remarkably rapid rise from NBA obscurity to stardom appeals to the Taiwanese as embodying the virtues they say propelled their island from agricultural backwater to high-tech powerhouse: hard work, devotion to family and modesty.

"Jeremy Lin may not consider himself a Taiwanese, and his success has had nothing to do with Taiwan, but Taiwanese regard him as one of their own," said political scientist Liu Bi-rong of Taipei's Soochow University. "Now he has taken the world by storm, and they are proud and enthralled by what he has done."

Across the 100-mile Taiwan Strait, China too is claiming Lin as a native son, pointing to his grandmother's roots in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang as proof of his Chinese-ness.

He is being touted as the next big Chinese sports star after Houston Rockets center Yao Ming, whose retirement last year has tested the NBA's deep-seated popularity on the mainland.

China's pride of ownership is all too familiar to most Taiwanese, who are constantly bombarded by Beijing's assertions that they live in a political never-never land, lacking all the elementary accouterments of statehood.

The two sides split amid civil war in 1949, and China claims the democratic island as its own, to be brought back into the fold by persuasion if possible, by force if necessary.

Watching Lin's latest performance against the Sacramento Kings at a Taipei sports bar Thursday morning, 22-year-old saleswoman Tsai Shu-fan dismissed China's Lin identification with a barely disguised sneer.

"He is a native of Changhua, where his parents came from," she said. "He is not a Chinese."

Adjusting to China's domineering posture has become something of a cottage industry on Taiwan, particularly since it lost its seat in the United Nations to Beijing in 1971, and virtually all of its diplomatic allies — including the United States — abandoned it for China 30 or 40 years ago.

Its political leaders now have nowhere to travel on official international visits, except to countries like Paraguay and Burkina Faso, two of the 23 nations around the world that still recognize it.

That kind of isolation has helped engender outsized reactions when local people make it big on the world stage. Director Ang Lee became a favorite son for the wall-to-wall acclaim he received when "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Brokeback Mountain" hit the silver screen. Former New York Yankees and current Washington Nationals pitcher Chien-ming Wang was commonly referred to on local television broadcasts as "Taiwan's Glory," and Yani Tseng, the No. 1 golfer on the LPGA Tour for the past year, has given her sport a huge boost on the island.

But only a month into helping transform the New York Knicks from underachieving losers into the NBA's hottest team, Lin looks set to leave the other Taiwanese icons trailing in the dust.

His Knicks games are broadcast not only on sports stations, but also on news channels, which devote talk shows to his exploits once the games are over.
Newspapers have totally forgotten about last month's presidential elections, apparently mindful that filling their pages with Linsanity is a far better bet for attracting readers.

And a English tutoring school is airing TV ads to teach viewers newly coined words like "Lincredible" and "Linternational," noting Lin's cascading global impact.
None of that surprises Tsai, the young saleswoman, who came to the sports bar Thursday wearing a dark blue hat emblazoned with the Chinese character for her new hero's name.

"Lin is the young Michael Jordan, and he has Taiwanese blood," she said. "I am so proud of him."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

交大台灣研究社 尋人啟事

22年前, 野百合學運後, 在交大所成立的本土社團: 台灣研究社, 在 facebook 復社了,
如果你曾經是交大台研社的一員, 想要再與夥伴相聚, 請 email 給我,

或是在 facebook 加我好友, 期待與你相見。

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

News: 日本斑蝶飛2500公里來港 深水灣發現 蝶翅標日文地名

【明報 2012/01/06 專訊】原始新聞連結