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News: 不斷放生 又不斷被釣的大鯉魚

不斷放生 又不斷被釣的大鯉魚
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這則新聞的原文在 的網站都有, 還有 Big Scale 的照片, 真的好大呢!
Carp is the 'one that got away' after being caught and released repeatedly over 30 years
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This 30lb carp has earned its ironic nickname of "the one that got away" after being caught and thrown back repeatedly by fishermen for the past three decades.

The 30lb carp has been caught every year for last three decades by anglers who now treat him like an unofficial member of their club

Members of the Chorlton Anglers Club, in Manchester say the fish – named Big Scale – is the pride of the lake and is an unofficial member of their club.

They land him at least twice a year and sometimes he's pulled out four times during the season.

Each time, the anglers tend to any injuries, take a photograph, then release him back into the water.

Club Chairman Simon Dale said: "Without doubt, he is the pride of the lake. It is quite a struggle. He doesn't give in easily.

"He is a very clever fish and doesn't often take the bait. He isn't always caught."

Big Scale is one of a number of large carp in the lake that are honoured by being named because they weigh more than 20lb.

The others include Big Mac who weighs 29lb; Tchaikovsky – named after the composer's 1812 overture because he surfaces 18 times every 12 months; Bones, Sweetpea, Paisley and The Ugly Fish – all slightly lighter at 28lb.

Mr Dale, an air conditioning engineer, recognises every large fish in the lake.

"I am so passionate about my sport," he said.

"And I am thrilled how popular our club is becoming. It is a fantastic way of getting the community together and for children to get out in the fresh air and learn about wildlife."

Big fish still has anglers hooked
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A giant carp lurking under the surface of a lake in Greater Manchester has been reeling in keen anglers from across the North West.

Big Scale, which weighs 30lb (13.6kg), is known to put up a fight when he is caught at Chorlton Water Park.

Dave Appleton vice-chairman of Chorlton Anglers Club, said: "He's a mighty fish, he is over 40 years old now and he's still going strong."

The popular carp, the largest in the lake, is caught about twice a year.

'Slippery chaps'

Members of the club have named each carp in the lake that weighs more than 25lb.

Along with Big Scale, there is Tchaikovsky, Bones, Fish and Big Mac, which have been spotted, caught, pulled out of the water, weighed and put back in.

Mr Appleton said: "The carps can be right slippery chaps, they're pretty clever.

"It is a struggle getting them out of the water and you know when you've caught one because of the giant pull on the line.

"We have a first aid kit for the fish on hand in case we injure them and we always put them straight back in the water."

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