Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Make a loan at Kiva.org

Rosa is a member of the "Nobleza" (Nobility) Village Bank. She is 51 years old and married with five children. Rosa makes homemade ice cream with the help of her children; she sells it from her home and in regional markets. She also buys cheese and grains from the markets and re-sells them to stores in the city of Ayacucho.

Rosa is requesting a loan of 800 soles to buy ingredients such as milk and food coloring. She has been a FINCA client for 14 years and says that her business is much stronger today thanks to FINCA’s help. She has more customers and dominates more of the local ice cream market. Her goal for the future is to start up another business.

Kiva.org 有一個很不錯的新 idea!

所有向 Kiva.org 借錢的人都是用分期攤還的方式還錢, 尚未將所有錢還清的時候, 我們所借出去的錢( $ 25 ) 是無法動用的 (再度借出去)。

可是, 通常我們會借出不只一筆貸款, 每一筆都只還了一部分的錢, 累積起來也許已經超過 $25 的最少貸款額度。目前 Kiva.org 的新處理方式是每一筆分期攤還的錢, 將平均分配到當初借出者的 Kiva 帳戶中, 因此, 只要我們的帳戶累積到 $25, 就可以馬上再將錢借出去。這項措施增加了 Kiva 帳戶中金錢的流動性, 讓我們可以幫助到更多需要幫助的人。

今天, 我把收到部分還款又借給祕魯這位辛苦的媽媽 Rosa, 讓我心裡又充滿幸福的感覺!

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